CompTIA™ Healthcare IT Technician


Healthcare expenditures in the United States represent nearly 20% of all economic activity, and, as the population ages, this number is expected to double! This is one reason why there are so many initiatives trying to address the cost and delivery of quality healthcare.

This astronomical growth of healthcare brings a large quantity of opportunities. As healthcare providers begin to embrace information technology as a way to improve healthcare delivery, the need for qualified information technology professionals will only continue to increase.


The healthcare industry is growing at a rapid pace and undergoing some of its most significant changes, as the use of electronic health records increase. Designed for technologists or medical practitioners seeking to gain entry into the field of healthcare information systems, this course teaches the fundamentals of healthcare IT (HIT) by using the CompTIA™ Healthcare IT Technician (HIT-001) Exam objectives as the framework. It takes an in-depth and comprehensive view of HIT by examining healthcare regulatory requirements, the functions of a healthcare organization and its medical business operations, in addition to IT hardware, software, networking, and security. This program is for those who want to learn about HIT and who desire to enter this growing field and participate in the CompTIA™ HIT certificate exam.

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Hours: 80

Format: Self-paced, online

Length: 6 months to complete course

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